Operating since 1998 and strategically located in Çatalca İstanbul (3 km to TEM, 12 km to E-5 Motorway), İSBAŞ is a free trade area project aiming to raise Turkey’s production, exportation and competition power. Built on 450.000 m² of land, İSBAŞ brings many ‘firsts’ to Turkey’s free trade scene.

While benefiting from tax exemption, low interest credits, cheap labor force, easy profit transfer methods and minimum bureaucracy, investors can also buy, own, rent and sell their land or buildings within the area.

Providing health, security, transportation, work force, maintenance and general orientation services for its investors, İSBAŞ keeps rewarding both its investors and Turkish economy with a 20 billion trade volume in the last 10 years..

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İstanbul Trakya Serbest Bölgesi 34870 Çatalca İstanbul  
Phone: +90 212 637 3395 / +90 212 637 35 85