SPECTRA: the remarkable brand of Turkey based on its high-quality production, high technology and innovative products as well as collaboration with international companies.

Started its operations in Tekirdağ – Çorlu in 1995 and continuously growing based on its reputable and secure service concept in the field of Defense Industry and with its over 600 employees and production facility established on 170000 sqm area; SPECTRA has proven its corporate capability and quality to cooperate with NATO members or other major countries because it has various special production certificates such as NATO Security Certificate that is awarded to rare companies. Thanks to this quality concept, it has gained high rankings in international researches and has taken the mission of developing its sector by going beyond production operations with its own patents.

   As a brand enlightened by science, SPECTRA has equipped its fabric and ready-made garment production facilities with the state-of-the-art innovation systems. In addition to High-Resistant multi-spectral camouflage nets that ensure invisibility against radars and thermal cameras, Multi-Layered Ballistic Protective Plates and wearable ballistic systems; it produces all high-nano technology fabrics used in security and military fields. It also continues its operations by producing ready-made garments for security and military fields.

Making significant and delicate investments to R&D activities, SPECTRA conducts the quality controls of its products at its own laboratories within the production facilities without any dependency on third parties, and securely ships its ready products to all business partners around the world.

  One step ahead with ÖZTEK…